The Studio was founded in 1937 by Gian Luigi Giordani – the first architect of the Linate airport in Milan. In the fifties the practice expanded with the arrival of Ippolito Malaguzzi Valeri and Ezio Sgrelli and later the architects Marco Bertola and Renata Ferrario also joined them.
Today the major activities of the practice still consist of the production of architecture for the industrial and civil sectors with a particular focus on housing – both apartment bldgs and villas.
Some works of this period are visible in the HISTORY page.
Niccolò Belloni first collaborated with the practice during his university studies, which he began in 1984. He started his professional career in 1991 and has headed the Studio since 2005 with the new name of NiccolòBelloniArchitetti.

The main competences in ARCHITECTURE and INTERIOR DESIGN are:
– housing (bldgs, villas, apartments), hotels, offices, industry and retail.
– renovation, restoration, conservation
– landscape architecture
– yacht design
– graphic and visual communication – digital
– project management
– property strategy and management

Projects development and the management of their realization start from feasibility studies, through the preliminary, definitive and executive-constructive stages up to the interior design and furnishings details. Interior design and furnishings have always had a very important role within the various activities because of the details interest and sensibility of the practice.
The architectural Studio NiccolòBelloniArchitetti has its headquarters in Milan where it provides a full range of architectural services, coordinating its activity with engineering firms and other professionals from every related field. The practice is comprised of a close-knit professional team of architects and technicians.
The whole process from research to presentation, the design and supervision involves the direct management of clients and suppliers.
With a focus on concept design, architect-led design-build projects but also executive architect and project management services.

Today the Studio’s team consists of the architects Niccolò Belloni, Renata Ferrario, Andrés Mahdjoubian and the engineer Luigi Bergamaschi in addition to other collaborators.

The customer’s needs always outweigh the disciplinary constraints: our partnership combines the expertise of architecture, design and graphics with the will to meet the challenges of the project in an integrated way, pursuing the quality of achievement both in decision-making both in details.


Niccolo Belloni has increased his expertise in the Studio since starting his university studies in 1984 and has inherited both the teachings and the method.

Niccolò Belloni graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 1990.
He was assistant at the Politecnico di Milano in the “Tecnologia dell’architettura” (technology of architecture) and “Progettazione ambientale e Disegno industriale” (environmental and industrial design) courses from 1990 to 1993.
Lecturer at the same University in the “Laboratorio di costruzione dell’architettura” course from 1994 to 2004 and co-founder and Lecturer in the new “Laboratorio di progettazione nautica” (yacht design) workshop from 1999 to 2004.

An essential part of Niccolo Belloni life is contact with the sea and sailing.
He inherited the important seafaring tradition from his family and first boarded a boat at the age of three.
He has sailed many types of boats from optimist to the maxi yachts. He spent decades racing around the buoys where he won titles at national and continental level and participated in several world championships, as well as various transoceanic sailings.
He graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a thesis on “The Technology of the Foreshore. Elements of the project in naval architecture and architecture ” on the historical relationship, typological and technological, between the world of architecture and naval construction.
In the nineties he collaborated in the creation of the new “Laboratorio di progettazione nautica” (yacht design Laboratory) at the Politecnico di Milano.
After an initial approach to racing yacht design in the early 80s, with the project for a small level-class yacht optimization, some restorations and resetting projects of sailing and motor yachts such as Swan, Baltic, Bertram, Cantieri di Pisa have been developed.
He has always had a great interest in doing in depth study and research in the field of inhabiting the marine environment.


The “modus operandi” of the group guarantees that every project is constantly supervised by one of the professionals. The practice has designed new buildings and worked on renovations in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, UK, United States and Turkey. In recent years it has acquired specific expertise in the design of integrated architectural projects, in which functional and operational aspects and efficient communication are integrated to form a single design philosophy.
The practice develops projects for residential complexes, apartment buildings, houses, industrial sites, restructuring of historical buildings, workspace planning, offices, showrooms and yacht design, closely following the developments and trends taking place in the habitat sector, in the belief that new and emerging habits, techniques and technologies should form the basis of new design.
The Studio is constantly searching for spatial solutions for contemporary life in the delicate and rapidly changing context of the European landscape. Its goal is to elaborate innovation and research with a professional completeness able to respond to complex programs of any scale, employing when needed a well established network of specialized consultants (structures, plants, traffic, economy, landscape, graphics, light design). Subdivided between the various departments, the team of architects and specialists also operates with external specialists in full agreement with the multidisciplinary thinking.
Works have been exhibited at venues such as the Triennale di Milano and published in Italy, France, England, United States and Japan, along with being hosted and presented in the Politecnico di Milano.
The design and architectural language of the practice has its origins in the cultural tradition of Italian Modern Architecture and, specifically, of the Scuola di Milano, a representative manifestation of Italian Style. In addition to the great attention paid to the development of new technologies and techniques for environmental sustainability, the principal aim is to respond to the client’s wishes, suggestions and dreams paying great attention to the local cultural traditions and the sensitive use of local and traditional materials closely connected with nature.


Members or collaborators of our team since 1990: Tatiana Barone, Silvana Basile, Gaia Bertacchi, Ilario Boniello, Andrea Bonizzi, Renata Bosco, Cecilia Bozzi, Diego Brambini, Raffaella Cambria, Silvia Campanelli, Alessandra Carniti, Stefania Celli, Floriano Comincini, Federica Consonni, Sibilla Dalu, Christiane Egger, Martina Galli, Domitilla Lepri, Chiara Maffei, Bill Magruder, Hedeieh Miri, Masaharu Motoyama, Paula Pecina, Silvia Pomodoro, Silvia Razza, Emmanuel Rotelli, Egidio Sacchi, Federica Salvini, Shadi Samari, Iolanda Savino, Simona Staffico, Monica Toteda and Ecenur Yeşildağ.


Angelo Beretta, Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Enrico Cano, Cesare Chimenti, Marco Pagani, Matteo Piazza, Paola Capuani, Niccolò Belloni, Ruy Teixeira, Centro Fotografico Montecatini, Foto Cassanmagnago, Foto Martinotti, Foto Villani.


Alberto Massi Mauri, Alessandra Carniti, Masaharu Motoyama, Silvia Campanelli, Tiziana Cesi.